As we age, the effects of sun exposure, the environment, acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring can damage our skin and cause us to look older than we are. This skin damage can be treated with a chemical peel, a non-invasive treatment designed to promote cell growth and produce smoother, clearer skin. Chemical peels use acids to dissolve dead skin cells and promote collagen production making your wish of younger, radiant skin a reality. 
• Chemical peels are highly effective if used properly. AestheticsByConnie will help to choose the peel that will best suit your individual skin and needs.
• Chemical peels available: Glycolic, Salycilic, Lactic, Retin A, Pumpkin, EGF, Derma Clear and Jessner.
** Most chemical peels are used in conjunction with skin care products to significantly boost the results for the concern presented: acne, lightening, pore reduction, rejuvenation. Usually 3 treatments are recommended 2-3 weeks apart and then maintenance treatments are recommended every 1-3 months for optimal long-term results.
Level 1-3 (30min) - $125 to $175
Jessner (30 min) - $300